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Half of the Spanish squad is from the quarry


The mass of the wage limit ‘pinned’ Spanish in the recently completed summer market. Those responsible for the sports area Perarnau and Jordi Lard (two men of the house) found a way to counteract the great handicap: sign players with parakeet DNA.

The three grown in the base football and that different circumstances led them to emigrate of the Catalan entity. Their incorporation have produced an unusual event in a Primera team: 12 of the 25 players in the squad are formed in the house perica. Pau, David Lopez, Gerard, lvaro, Aaron, Marc Roca, Ddac, Darder, Sergio Synchez, Javi Lopez, Melendo and Marc Navarro. The top 9 did not reach base football by chance.

They were discovered by Manel Casanova (EPD) father of the blue-white factory. He bet hard for them and signed them to endow the quarry with the best players, as in his day he signed Ral Tamudo for nine balls and a friendly against Gramanet (team from which came the top scorer in the history of Spanish in the league and the ‘pichichi’ of Catalan football). The 9 will play together for the first time in the top flight with their Spanish.


The cracks that in the end stayed in their teams


Numerous protagonists of soap operas of the market, like Alexis, Coutinho, Mahrez or Auba, have not moved. Many cracks were protagonists not only in the summer market but many months before. And yet all of them stayed at the end in their teams. This list includes, among others Philippe Coutinho , Riyad Mahrez , Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang , Marco Verratti , Paulo Dybala , Ross Barkley , Diego Costa , Fabinho , Thomas Lemar , Virgil Van Dijk and even Antoine Griezmann and Cristiano Ronaldo .

In the same way that Barcelona failed to sign Philippe Coutinho (who will have to remain in Liverpool ) or Marco Verratti (another year at Paris Saint-Germain despite his desire to be Barca), Manchester City of Pep Guardiola and other suitors failed to convince Arsenal to sell Alexis S˜nchez , who had an agreement with the citizens.

Mahrez frustrated pass to Roma

Mahrez asked Leicester in June to pass him, but the club rejected several offers from Rome , including a 50 million euros, until the club’s sports director Monchi threw in the towel. The Algerian sounded in the last hours of the market for Barcelona, but will continue to play for the ‘Foxes’.

A few months ago hardly anyone would have said that Aubameyang would continue to this day in Borussia Dortmund . His move to PSG was considered and he was close to Milan , but Ousmane Demb?l? went to Barcelona and Gabonese stayed. Peter Bosz , coach of Dortmund, could not lose both.

Paulo Dybala was also the target of Barcelona , but Juventus did not want to run out of their jewel. The Monaco transferred to Mbapp? (PSG) , Bernardo Silva and Mendy (City) and Bakayoko (Chelsea) , but did not let them go Fabinho (who apparently had an agreement with PSG ) and Thomas Lemar (unable to sign him, the Arsenal did not sell to Alexis ).


What is soccer?


The football is a team sport played between two teams of eleven players each. It is played on a rectangular field of grass, with a goal or goal on each side of the field. The objective of the game is to move a ball through the field to locate it within the opposite goal, an act known as a goal. The team that scores the most goals after the match is the winner.

Rules of Soccer

The football matches have a duration of 90 minutes, which are played in two parts of 45 minutes each, with an intermission break of 15 minutes.

Football field

The playing field where football matches are played , is between 90 and 120 meters long, and between 45 and 90 meters wide.

The football field shall have two equal parts separated by a midfield line with a center circle of 9.15 meters radius.

In each part of the terrain, there will be two areas, one large and one small. In the middle of both will be located the penalty point, 11 meters from the goal line or bottom line.

Soccer ball

The ball, ball or ball with which football is played, has a weight of 410 to 450 grs. and a circumference of 68 to 70 cm. The soccer ball has two layers, an inner rubber chamber and a flexible leather outer cover. It must be swollen at a pressure of 600 to 1,100 g / cm2.

Football referees

Depending on the match, normally there are 4 referees in a football match , the field referee, two line judges who move on the sidebands and a fourth referee off the field. Two additional assistant referees have recently been added to attend to situations occurring in the surrounding area and goal situations, which are located on the baseline.

Football tactics

The numbering of the game systems corresponds to the tactical positions in the field.

They are usually named according to the number of players in each position of the field of play, whether defenders, midfielders or forwards. Usually it is of the type 4-4-2 or 4-3-3, always the total has to give 10, since the porter does not associate to the tactics of game.


CR7 can not fail with Portugal


The Luso, with no margin of error, will face Hungary not to lose the wake of Switzerland, current leader Cristiano Ronaldo will return to the field for the second time in three days, after doing so in the victory against the Faroe Islands, in a game in which he scored a hat trick. Previously, Luso had not played since the first leg of the Spanish Super Cup on 13 August, after receiving a penalty of four league matches for pushing an umpire.

Portugal will face Hungary on this occasion with the same premise of the previous meeting: not to lose. The combined Fernando Santos are second in the standings of Group B to play the Russian World Cup in 2018, in the repechage position, while the leader is Switzerland, three points above the Portuguese, and waiting for these pinchen. Portugal leaves as favorite in the encounter before the third classified. The Hungarians could not with the Lusos in the going on hostile ground, but they tried to seize the opportunity to do it at home.

The biggest threat to them will be a Cristiano Ronaldo hungry for minutes and goals when unable to play with Real Madrid. The reigning European champions will hardly make changes to the team that took to the Confederations Cup, keeping the block with which it managed to make history in France.

Fernando Santos wants to prevent Portugal from having to play their presence in the World Cup in the playoffs, as already happened in 2014 to reach Brazil, in which they defeated Ibrahimovic’s Sweden. However, it is likely that this is not known until the last game of the group stage, which will face Switzerland, leader, against Portugual, between now there is a difference of three points. Petkovic’s team will face Latvia today, in a match that is presumed easy and in which there could be rotations. However,

Finally, tonight will also be settled by the Faroe Islands and Andorra, who tied the way (0-0) and neither of them aspire to more than increase their short number of victories in official matches.


France seeks to unmark against Cinderella Luxembourg

The Gallic team seeks to strengthen their leadership. France will face Luxembourg tonight in a duel in which seeks to break a gap on their pursuers after regaining the lead of Group A last Thursday. The Gala selection comes to the meeting with confidence in the clouds after beating the Netherlands 4-0 and has a good chance to consolidate as a leader having in front of the ‘Cinderella’ of the group, Luxembourg, which has only achieved four points after seven games played.
France took advantage of Sweden’s stumble against Bulgaria to take their place in the top spot of their group and face the last three qualifying matches with the best prospects to be first and quick access to the World Cup next summer.

For today’s duel, it is expected that Didier Deschamps will make few changes in his starting eleven. Everything indicates that the coach ‘bleu’ will continue to trust the same players who beat the ‘oranje’ selection on Thursday, although it is not ruled out that the new signing of PSG, Kylian Mbapp?, can be titleholder to Luxembourg to the detriment of Giroud. The Monaco ex was a substitute for the Netherlands and came out with a quarter to go, enough time to score a goal, the fourth of his team, and make history with France by becoming the youngest goalscorer of the gala selection in the last 50 years.

Good Tips for Taking Pictures in Soccer Matches


There is a type of photography that we had not covered in dzoom and that is forced: football. There are many who have sporting concerns as well as photographic, and (I am not annoyed by this fans of other sports) football is the sport king.

For all those who have ever tried to cover a sporting event or that you are Thinking about doing so in the future, today I want to collect in this article a series of so that your photos in football improve a little the next time you have opportunity.

These recommendations will also serve to make photos in almost any sport. Give me two minutes and I’ll tell you how. A few days ago our friend Jose, who bought a Sony A200 and wanted to know how to take advantage of his camera in football matches and other sports shows. While this article will focus on football, when you read it you will understand that it has application practically in any sport. I’m thinking about.

I leave from this base because the recommendation of the location in the field requires some freedom, and in the professional parties is added an additional problem related to the authorizations and permits to remain in certain areas of the reserved field that I will not cover here. , I think a good place to be is.

I prefer the band to the area behind the goal because in the latter there are too many elements that can interfere with our composition. However, since the matches are long, you can always try taking photos from there. As the football fields are big and you can not control where the action takes place in the field from the point where you are, you will need a focal Long.

If you have ever noticed the matches they put on television, photographers appear with goals that rather than targets look like guns. Or I want to condition the choice of a model As an open recommendation, and before making a disbursement about it, (if you do not have money problems and are willing to handle 4-digit figures, the market for optics certainly expands a lot).


Piqu plays with his son Milan on the lawn of the Bernabeu


To the central one of the Red one did not affect to him the whistles that listened in the Bernab?u, where part of the fans also chanted his name
A Gerard Pique will not affect the whistles he heard this Saturday at the Santiago Bernabeu during the Spain-Italy (3-0) , although some of the fans also chanted his name in unison to silence the boos.

Minutes after the end of the clash against the ‘azurri’, the central Barca , who declined to make statements in the mixed zone, jumped onto the lawn of the meringue coliseum to celebrate the important victory against the transalpinos playing the ball with Milan, his son greater, who wore a complete equipment of the Spanish selection with the number 3 that shines his father. Both had a great time and the moment was spectacular. In addition to Piqu?, other players also played with their children after the match, as was the case of Pepe Reina and David Villa.


Yarmolenko leads Ukraine

The new Borussia Dortmund striker scored a double that was the win against TurkeyIceland made life difficult by being defeated against forecast by Finland

Ukraine is the new Group I leader in the qualifying round for the 2018 World Cup after their 2-0 win against Turkey and after the Croatia-Kosovo match was suspended in the 21st minute with 0 -0, due to the poor state of the playing field of Zagreb’s Maksimir Stadium because of the rain. If weather conditions permit, the meeting will resume this Sunday. The team of Ivan Rakitic and Luka Modric , now to a point in Ukraine , will seek victory to regain the first place. Meanwhile, Iceland made life difficult by losing (1-0) to Finland by surprise.

At Maksimir Stadium water made soccer practice almost impossible and put players at risk of injury. The two teams and the refereeing body retreated to the locker room, and a few minutes later the captains ( Modric and Samir Ujkani ) and the Swedish referee Stefan Johannesson went out again to examine the field. Since it was still raining, the meeting will resume today.

Andriy Yarmolenko celebrated his signing for Borussia Dortmund and his 70th match with Ukraine scoring both goals against Turkey (31st international), which put his team at the top of the group. Ukraine , with 3 matches, has 14 points, one more than Croatia and Iceland and 3 more than Turkey .

Iceland got into trouble when they were surprised by Finland , who won thanks to a goal from the foul work of Alexander Ring.

Message from Morata to Real Madrid


The former striker of Chelsea and adds more goals of Benzema and Bale together in this start of season The former Merengue recalled that, as a starter, “in Madrid never played five matches in a row”

Alvaro Morata , who closed the bright 3-0 of the Red against Italy in the Bernabeu , already accumulates more goals than Karim Benzema and Gareth Bale in this beginning of course. The Madrid striker adds three goals, two with Chelsea and one with the selection, while French and Welsh only carry one per head. Even playing all three of the same games (5), the white ex-striker has played 223 minutes, 188 less than Benzema and 176 less than Bale.

Morata has sent a message in the last hours to Madrid after his signing this summer by Chelsea in search of more minutes. The Madrid striker continues to lament that he has not chained five games as a starter in the Merengue team. The most he achieved was four in a row in the starting eleven (the European Super Cup and the first three League games ) at the start of last season.

The signing market was closed on Friday without the striker who claimed the Madridismo and also got to publicly ask Zinedine Zidane . “We are worse without Morata, we lack a striker”, assured the French in preseason.

A month later, when it was inevitable to pass the desired Mbapp? to PSG, Zidane rebuffed and stated before the premier league in the Bernabeu against Valencia that “I do not want another striker, I will have Borja Mayoral . ” The white fans, however, are skeptical with the performance of the youngster Mayoral, who only scored twice with German Wolfsburg last year.


Chelsea signed Costa to avoid legal problems


On Friday closed the signing market in Spain (Saturday in England) but the soap opera with Diego Costa, Chelsea and Atletico Madrid as main actors will continue to write chapters. The last one was the inscription of the player by the English club in the definitive list for the Premier League.

Already it was in the provisional that occurs when the competition begins and also it is in the definitive one after that there has not been news with the situation of the Hispanic-Brazilian.

Something that was foreseen and that Chelsea has contemplated from the first moment to avoid any type of problem, since Diego Costa could have clung to it to force its exit in case of presenting a complaint, something that from its surroundings had been thought but which, for the moment, has been discarded.

This does not change at all the road map they have at Atletico Madrid to undertake the operation involving the return of the Lizard to the mattress. Because although he is registered and, in a remote option, made peace with Conte and get to play in the Premier, could be transferred in the winter market, which is when Atletico can sign up.

Another different thing would be that Chelsea inscribed Costa in the list for the Champions and played in that competition. Then I could not do it to the orders of Simeone in the eliminatory ones.

If he did not play, yes. In any case, the British entity has already presented to UEFA its roster of 25 players for this competition (all clubs had until 1 September to do so) although the European body has not yet made it official.

Of course, several English media point out that, for the Champions League , Diego Costa has not been registered, unlike the Premier, where Chelsea has counted on him to avoid legal problems.