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Chelsea signed Costa to avoid legal problems


On Friday closed the signing market in Spain (Saturday in England) but the soap opera with Diego Costa, Chelsea and Atletico Madrid as main actors will continue to write chapters. The last one was the inscription of the player by the English club in the definitive list for the Premier League.

Already it was in the provisional that occurs when the competition begins and also it is in the definitive one after that there has not been news with the situation of the Hispanic-Brazilian.

Something that was foreseen and that Chelsea has contemplated from the first moment to avoid any type of problem, since Diego Costa could have clung to it to force its exit in case of presenting a complaint, something that from its surroundings had been thought but which, for the moment, has been discarded.

This does not change at all the road map they have at Atletico Madrid to undertake the operation involving the return of the Lizard to the mattress. Because although he is registered and, in a remote option, made peace with Conte and get to play in the Premier, could be transferred in the winter market, which is when Atletico can sign up.

Another different thing would be that Chelsea inscribed Costa in the list for the Champions and played in that competition. Then I could not do it to the orders of Simeone in the eliminatory ones.

If he did not play, yes. In any case, the British entity has already presented to UEFA its roster of 25 players for this competition (all clubs had until 1 September to do so) although the European body has not yet made it official.

Of course, several English media point out that, for the Champions League , Diego Costa has not been registered, unlike the Premier, where Chelsea has counted on him to avoid legal problems.