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Piqu plays with his son Milan on the lawn of the Bernabeu


To the central one of the Red one did not affect to him the whistles that listened in the Bernab?u, where part of the fans also chanted his name
A Gerard Pique will not affect the whistles he heard this Saturday at the Santiago Bernabeu during the Spain-Italy (3-0) , although some of the fans also chanted his name in unison to silence the boos.

Minutes after the end of the clash against the ‘azurri’, the central Barca , who declined to make statements in the mixed zone, jumped onto the lawn of the meringue coliseum to celebrate the important victory against the transalpinos playing the ball with Milan, his son greater, who wore a complete equipment of the Spanish selection with the number 3 that shines his father. Both had a great time and the moment was spectacular. In addition to Piqu?, other players also played with their children after the match, as was the case of Pepe Reina and David Villa.