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Good Tips for Taking Pictures in Soccer Matches


There is a type of photography that we had not covered in dzoom and that is forced: football. There are many who have sporting concerns as well as photographic, and (I am not annoyed by this fans of other sports) football is the sport king.

For all those who have ever tried to cover a sporting event or that you are Thinking about doing so in the future, today I want to collect in this article a series of so that your photos in football improve a little the next time you have opportunity.

These recommendations will also serve to make photos in almost any sport. Give me two minutes and I’ll tell you how. A few days ago our friend Jose, who bought a Sony A200 and wanted to know how to take advantage of his camera in football matches and other sports shows. While this article will focus on football, when you read it you will understand that it has application practically in any sport. I’m thinking about.

I leave from this base because the recommendation of the location in the field requires some freedom, and in the professional parties is added an additional problem related to the authorizations and permits to remain in certain areas of the reserved field that I will not cover here. , I think a good place to be is.

I prefer the band to the area behind the goal because in the latter there are too many elements that can interfere with our composition. However, since the matches are long, you can always try taking photos from there. As the football fields are big and you can not control where the action takes place in the field from the point where you are, you will need a focal Long.

If you have ever noticed the matches they put on television, photographers appear with goals that rather than targets look like guns. Or I want to condition the choice of a model As an open recommendation, and before making a disbursement about it, (if you do not have money problems and are willing to handle 4-digit figures, the market for optics certainly expands a lot).